What is Qechy?


(pronounced like "catchy") is a surprise, gift-giving service that helps you choose the best gift for your friend, family member, or even casual acquantaince -

all at the click of a mouse.

How does this work?


Step 1: Take our personality test to figure out your giftee's personality type.



Step 2: Through our extensive algorithms, we'll create for you a giftbox of five items that fit into five categories - all tailored to your giftee's preferences.



Step 3: Select from a variety of packaging and shipping options,

and we'll do the rest!

Our 5 Qechy Categories

Qechy uses five distinct and fun categories to choose the five items that go into your giftee's giftbox. In every Qechy box is something quirky, edgy, cutesy, handy, and yummy, and each item from each category is specifically tailored to your giftee's personality type.


(Fun fact: if you take the first letters of each category, you can spell out our name!)


Ever seen something so ridiculous that you just had to buy it? Our quirky category has any item that is random yet still (sort of) relevant to your giftee.


Whether it's something super high-tech or sleek-looking, our edgy category has everything that your giftee needs to be even cooler than they already are.


Just as the title says, our cutesy category includes anything that'll make your giftee's heart just melt. Plushies, cute cat pictures- you name it, we got it.


No more worrying about whether or not your giftee will actually use your gift. Our handy category will make sure that your giftee's gift will definitely be useful.


Good food brings good company - or is it the other way around? Either way, our yummy category will make sure that your giftee is well-fed and satisfied.

Meet the Qechy Team

Constance Mietkowski

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle

Constance is currently a senior attending Swarthmore College. She is majoring in economics and art history.

Clement Mihailescu

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle

Clement is currently a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. He is majoring in mathematics. 

Janelle Tong

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle

Hailing from Appleton, Wisconsin, Janelle is currently a junior at the Wharton School studying management, marketing, and operations & information management. Outside of her classes, she is also a Wharton Ambassador and sings in an a cappella group.

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